The Company

Sylios Corp was organized as a Florida Corporation on March 28, 2008 under the name of Adventure Energy, Inc.

Sylios Corp is a holding corporation, which through its subsidiaries, has operations engaged in the exploration and development of oil and natural gas properties, purchase of royalty and working interest units in producing properties (oil and natural gas) and alternative land development projects. The Company maintains equity investments in our two spin-offs (The Greater Cannabis Company, Inc. and AMDAQ Corp) catering to the medical and recreational marijuana industry and blockchain technology.

US Natural Gas Corp WV:

US Natural Gas Corp WV’s (‘WV”) operations were based in Wayne County, West Virginia and primarily concentrated on the production of commercially viable natural gas. On July 31, 2014, the Company and Bayport International Holdings, Inc. ("Bayport") closed on the Asset Purchase Agreement entered into between the companies on July 9, 2014. Included within the assets sold by the Company were certain leases covering mineral rights, oil and natural gas wells, certain right of ways and ancillary facilities constructed by the Company for the delivery of natural gas in West Virginia. Upon completion of the transaction with Bayport, the Company had no remaining leases, wells or activity in West Virginia.

US Natural Gas Corp KY:

US Natural Gas Corp KY (“KY”) is a wholly owned subsidiary formed in the State of Florida on June 8, 2010. KY’s operations concentrate on oil producing activities mainly in South-Central Kentucky.

Our business strategy is to economically increase reserves, production, and the sale of natural gas and oil from existing and acquired properties in the Appalachian Basin and elsewhere, in order to maximize shareholders’ return over the long term. Our strategic location in Kentucky enables us to actively pursue the acquisition and development of producing properties in that area that will enhance our revenue base without proportional increases in overhead costs.

We expect to generate long-term reserve and production growth through drilling activities and further acquisitions. We believe that our management’s experience and expertise will enable us to identify, evaluate, and develop natural gas projects.

We have acquired and intend to acquire additional producing oil and gas property rights where we believe significant additional value can be created. Our Management is primarily interested in developmental properties where some combination of these factors exist: (1) opportunities for long production life with stable production levels; (2) geological formations with multiple producing horizons; (3) substantial exploitation potential; and (4) relatively low capital investment production costs.

E 3 Petroleum Corp:
E 3 Petroleum Corp (“E3”) is a wholly owned subsidiary formed in the State of Florida on February 8, 2010. E3’s sole business activity is to act as the bonding entity for the Company’s oil and natural gas wells.