Equity Holdings

In 2017, the Company completed two spin-off transactions through stock dividends to shareholders. The Company remains one of the largest shareholders in each of the companies.

The Company’s business segments are divided into four operating segments:

1. E-commerce- Through the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, GCC Superstore, LLC, the Company has established an online store whose merchandise includes pipes, vaporizers, grinders, hemp related products, CBD (Cannabidiol) related products and additional products focusing on the cannabis industry. The online store, GCC Superstore, was opened in June 2017 and can be found at www.gccsuperstore.com. At present, the GCC Superstore carries in excess of 1000 products from 20 suppliers and over 50 brands. The online store operates under a “drop-ship” model which affords it the benefit of less capital expenditure on inventory.

2. Advertising- With the development of the GCC Superstore, the Company will place directed advertising throughout the online store. Advertising will originate through Google AdSense or direct-advertising sales by the Company. The company will also use social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in an effort to attract customers with product specific advertisements or posts.

3. Licensing- The Company is actively seeking licensing opportunities in the cannabis sector, for intellectual property, products and dispensary means. At present, the Company does not have any active licensing agreements.

4. Direct Investments- The Company may, at its election, directly invest in private entities within the cannabis sector either through stock purchase agreements, debentures, joint ventures or a hybrid of each. The Company’s planned investments will focus on those entities whose near-term goals are to maximum shareholder value through the filing of an initial public offering or a corporate event that takes the entity from private to public. Investments will be made through the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary GCC Investment Holdings, LLC.

More information can be found at www.greatercannabiscompany.com.

AMDAQ’s multi-faceted business model will allow the company to take advantage of the significant emerging opportunities being developed utilizing blockchain technology. The opportunities we have identified to date cross many industries, which will help minimize our exposure to any single sector. We have associated ourselves with leading experts in the field of blockchain technologies, allowing for a broad overview of exciting applications being developed, which include direct investments in blockchain applications, the AMDAQ marketplace and our TIKR division.

The AMDAQ marketplace will provide the infrastructure for the administration of pre-existing and potential ownership of both tangible and intangible assets and its adaptable structural utility can be used in parallel to any equity fundraising mechanism.

AMDAQ will allow both the documented ownership and transfer of assets for which there is no established registration process and the sub-division of ownership interests in otherwise registered assets where transfer processes may be expensive/cumbersome and/or trigger taxes and other expenses.

Using the AMDAQ platform, assets can be titled in a Smart Contract with ownership interests evidenced by ownership of an associated Ethereum token. The Smart Contract will provide not only the rules as to transfer of ownership but also automated voting mechanisms for each specific situation that requires governance decisions. Please see more details under our operations tab.

AMDAQ’s TIKR division is its solution to the rapidly growing public shell graveyard. Over time, regulations, increasing costs and poor execution of a Company's business plan can lead to the ultimate death of many public companies. So, what happens to these companies that stay listed, but trade below a penny or even lower? In many instances, they stay at these levels until new management is brought in to clean up the Company's financials and debt levels. Please see more details under our operations tab.

More information can be found at www.amdaq.corp.